How Much Efficiency Do Home Solar Panels Lose Per Year?

With the improvement of the efficiency of home solar power and the reduction of cost, in view of the current p-type monocrystalline silicon cells, in terms of the current module efficiency of about 17.5%, the energy cost recovery period is that the solar cell module generates more electricity than the production sun. The time spent on all the batteries used in the production process, the energy recovery period is absolutely no more than two years, for other types of amorphous silicon batteries this time will be shorter.

Whether home solar power is good or not, we must look at it from different angles. If you look at the entire life cycle, it must be consumed much more than the output. Home solar power generation efficiency is generally only 15%, and life expectancy is difficult to exceed 20 years. In this regard, it is difficult to say what is the benefit of home solar power generation. But from another perspective, it is still necessary to vigorously develop home solar power generation. This is the environmental protection and marginalization of the manufacturing industry. That is to say, the manufacture of solar panels must be kept away from densely populated areas and must be kept away from environmentally vulnerable areas. If it is assumed that solar panels are manufactured deep in the desert, no pollution is produced. And it makes sense to use it in the city.

We advocate vigorously promoting home solar power generation in cities. This has a good effect on reducing urban energy consumption and reducing the adverse effects of heat islands on cities. If our households use solar energy, our cities will have more rainfall and the city’s temperature will drop. This is why developed countries use solar energy instead of solar energy.