What’s The Main Disadvantages of Home Solar Energy System?

High initial cost of solar energy panels system
it is not surprising that solar panel costs are initially high. While some subsidy programs and government rebates help balance costs. With the advent of new technologies in the field of solar energy panels system, the price of solar energy panels system is expected to continue to decline, and investment is more affordable.

Home Solar Energy System

Solar energy panels system rely on sunlight
solar energy panels system depend on the sun, and this doesn’t necessarily mean direct sunlight, they are most effective in sunny places. Therefore, they cannot produce energy at night and are not effective in the dark winter. Therefore, an effective solution is to switch to the mains at night. Alternatively, families with separate systems can store energy in the battery during the day to use at night.

Solar energy panels system placement
inaccurate locations of solar energy panels system can be a major obstacle to power generation efficiency. The most affected are homes covered by trees and landscapes. Similarly, if you live in an area around a large building, solar panel performance will be limited. However, by adding more panels to the roof to generate enough power, efficiency can be increased.